Bosch motor

The powerfull hub motor of Bosch ensures you a very quick acceleration and a smooth transition to higher speed. The engine is developed for high efficiency in energy consumption. 120 N.M. torque and a climb capacity of 15 degrees.
With a maximium peak power of 2250 watts

Removable battery

BMS Protection + Lithium-ion.

An easy to remove battery of Samsung with a handy handle bar and a weight of about 9kg included the latest Battery Management System technology and the 18650 cells shows quality and longer durability. With these cells you charge your battery pack up to 950 times in comparing with the maximum 200 times cheap Chinese cells will let you. You get what you pay for.

Battery spec: 60V 26aH 18650 cells

Keyless driving

Ease serves the man. Leave the keys in your pocket and lock and unlock your MATTS on a distance. Also enable the alarm and let it automatically block the wheel at the moment someone tries to move it around. Even let the alarm go off any moment it’s needed.


Nobody likes an empty battery. Is it your phone or even your portable speakers, charge it through the USB output connection integrated into the inner side of your MATTS e-scooter. Place it with ease into the therefore placed accessoire bucket.

Alarm and digitalized, stand alone display

When you’re done riding, you should obviously be able to park your Matts without having to worry about it getting stolen. Extensive functions as the alarm of the Matts or the ‘find your scooter’ function are standart features. We also offer separate locks, those are perfect for your electric mopeds.
On your display y
ou can find your battery percentage, speed, trip duration, mode-setting, odometer and outside temperature on the stand-alone display.